Zero Carbon Harrogate

“Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you.” Wendell Berry, environmental activist, farmer, poet

Zero Carbon Harrogate (ZCH) brings together a group of residents from the Harrogate District from many walks of life in order to support the development of a low carbon sustainable economy, which will improve the quality of life for Harrogate District residents. We are professionals, business owners, academics, parents and community leaders, a positive team of environmentally responsible individuals who want to make a change for the benefit of our beautiful community both for now and for years to come. Whilst ZCH has its roots in a Christian Aid event at the time of COP21, December 2015, it is a secular and apolitical organisation.

Zero Carbon Harrogate’s beginnings

Christian Aid Event, 11 December 2015

Zero Carbon Harrogate, our story

Zero Carbon Harrogate