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The Shakers were a Christian sect from England, who settled in North Eastern USA in 1774. The guiding Shaker principles of utility, humbleness, honesty, and simplicity, using locally available materials, had a profound effect on their crafts and design, on their homes, furniture, domestic items and lifestyle. Their gentle forms and elegance fit well in any interior, a calming influence and simple gift to us in our busy and complex lives.

I have made these boxes, trays and baskets using European and North American hardwoods; the sides are in solid wood, thinned down to make tight bends possible; the lid and bottom panels are veneered plywood, for greater durability. The wood is made pliable by soaking it in very hot water, and then bending it around a template. Copper tacks clinch the bands together, no glue. After insertion of the top and bottom panels, and smoothing of the wood, I finish the surfaces with lacquer, then with a clear, hard wax. Wood is an incredibly durable material, and with care these Shaker-inspired items could become a family heirloom, passed down the generations.

I have my work in a number of galleries around the United Kingdom. If you are interested in selling my work at your gallery please contact me for wholesale prices. I am happy to sell direct to the public and have to match the retail price, but can offer free shipping within the UK. Please contact me if you wish to discuss a purchase.

The Shaker hymn “Simple Gifts”

Simple Gifts products


The price varies according to which timber species are used, please contact me for further details about product prices. The box sizes are given in millimetres, and in this order: length x width x depth. The tray and basket depth refers to the main body of the item, and does not include the height of the handle.

Every box, tray and basket I make gets my mark stamped on it:

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