Windsor chair progress

It has been a fascinating journey figuring out how these chairs are made, studying real examples, deconstruction and reverse engineering the various parts, reference books like one written by James Mursell, and the odd Youtube video. Very clever, and sophisticated thinking going on with Windsor chair design and construction. I am filled with admiration for the makers who could knock these out at volume and with consistent good to excellent quality. The chair I copied was made by George Nicholson, of Rockley, Nottinghamshire. His work dates from the first half of the 19th century.

Structurally complete now, the last steps in this journey are: final profiling of arm bow and back bow; smoothing of spindles; assembly with hide glue; pinning the upper structure’s key joints with ash trennells; applying the finish.

All done! And my Dutch shepherd, Hollie, approves, which is the main thing, of course.

3 Comments on “Windsor chair progress

  1. Wonderful to see a Windsor chair being hand made using “reverse engineering”…so welcome in these days of everything automated or put together by robots.

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