Customer Dee Hardwicke, knitwear designer and artist

Dee Hardwicke is a very accomplished and well known designer, artist and knitter, and now a customer of mine! Through Stonegate Gallery, Ingleton, she purchased one of my North American cherry basket and tray combinations, and a presentation box with a marquetry oak leaf on the lid. The top two pictures are what she bought. The four following images are some screenshots from Dee’s instagram, showing my basket and tray in her workplace.

Basket and tray in North American cherry
Presentation box with marquetry oak leaf in lid.
Tray in North American cherry with bentwood walnut handle.
Dee’s workplace, my tray on the bench behind the chair. The basket is on the table.
My tray, and one of my presentation boxes on the bench.
Basket and tray together on the table.

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  1. Thank you very much for your order, Sheila, and your kind comments. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope you find much enjoyment in using this product which I designed, and made.

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