Another satisfied customer

I was commissioned to make an extra large Shaker box as a part of a wedding gift to house a book and a special shawl that itself had been made especially for the bride. I did not have the templates and formers as I had not made a box that size before. The process began with plotting an ellipse that would be large enough for the book. Then deciding on the depth of the box, as it needed to house the book and the shawl. With the client we decided on quartered European oak for the box and lid sides, and black walnut for the lid. The client was very interested in all the processes and I kept them informed with images of work and progress.

I received, a few days after shipping the item, a lovely card from the client, its cover, from Voysey’s “Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden” reminding her of the Shaker Tree of Life. Her puppy had chewed up the little Simple Gifts label (sent back with the card, along with a stamped addressed envelope) asking for a replacement item tag and description.

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