Jobbing joiner!


I have been asked to undertake a repair to the church door I made for All Saints’, Kirkby Overblow, near Harrogate. Nothing has gone wrong with my workmanship, I hasten to add. An incident. Someone, a visitor, got locked into the church overnight, and had no means of alerting anyone that they were locked into the church. After eight hours, and burrowing with a screwdriver at the area of the door casing where the bolt engages they managed to free the door. It is a little bit messy, though, fortunately the door itself is totally unaffected, just the casing. A neat repair can be done, and am aiming to do this 10/12/2016.

Repair undertaken, I will return in early summer to rub down the door and clean it with sandpaper, then give it a coat of tung oil to keep the oak weatherproof.


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