Month: January 2016

This lovely Windsor chair has been brought by a client for structural restoration to where its arms join the seat. This is a really quite superb Windsor, and I will record it with pictures, and templates, to share with regional …

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Bruno got very muddy today, so when he got home he was hosed down. He is now a hoser in the best McKenzie brothers tradition.  

It turns out that Bruno and I share a couple of things in common. First, somewhere down the tree of life, millions of years ago, we share a common ancestor. Second, and of more immediate interest and practicality, we both …

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Decided on Nikon Monarch7 10 x 30, excellent reviews from several bird watching organisations: Nikon Monarch 7 10 x 30

We brought Bruno home today from the Dogs’ Trust, he is as good as gold.

Yay! Dogs’ Trust has done a home visit, and we can adopt Bruno, bringing him home this Saturday.

For bird watching, nature watching, on hikes and holidays, Thanh and I have been wanting to invest for a little while now in some really good binoculars. With Christmas over and done with I have been doing a little homework, various …

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